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Temari Kit Strawberry Theif

Temari Kit Strawberry Theif

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*Temari Kit in English is now available! Please select English Instruction if needed, otherwise we will send you Japanease Instruction*

The temari kit "Temari Kit Strawberry Thief", which was very popular at the event and Nishi-Ogikubo SHOP, is now available in the online store in a new color "YELLOW".

All materials are provided and instructions with video links are included, so even beginners can enjoy making temari while watching the video.

Delivered in NONA BOX.

It is designed so that it can be given as a gift or used as a decorative stand.

Please enjoy making temari with NONA's original design, devised by NONA representative Rika.

[Strawberry thief]

If you have a small piece of cloth, you can turn it into a cute temari.

The starting point for this temari was to upcycle and create temari that can be kept as memories for people who cannot throw away the clothes they made for their children even after sizing them up.

Liberty's Tana Lawn is easy to stab even on the temari and surprisingly adapts to the temari.

The traditional pattern of chrysanthemums becomes even more cute when combined with the strawberry thief pattern.

In the summer of 2023, I visited the gallery of William Morris, the creator of "Strawberry Thief."

Please read the blog★ .


base temari
(Circumference 20cm / with equator)
NONA thread cut cloth 5×21cm
Temari needle round sticker

What to prepare

Thread cutting scissors, gusset needle, approx. 30 threading tape measure

About handling

*Due to the characteristics of vegetable-dyed products, sunlight may cause fading. Please keep it in the shade as much as possible.
*Do not leave it in a wet state. This may cause uneven coloring or color transfer.
*Using, copying, publishing, or reselling without permission from the copyright holder is prohibited by law. Please use it only for personal enjoyment.

Strawberry Thief Temari Kit
Design by Rika Stein

Kit contains:

Base temariball
20cm circumference/with equator line
NONA embroidery thread
Fabric 5 x 21cm
Temari needle
Round sticker 1.5cm diameter

What you prepare:

Thread scissors
Marker pins 30 pieces
Tape measure


Please store in dark to minimize the color fade.
Colors may be uneven.
Keep away from wet environment to store.

*This pattern is for personal use only, Not permitted for any reproduction, publishing and/or distribution.

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