NONA gave a sound of 9 in Japanese - 'KYU' - '球' - 'Temari ball'.

NONA's inspiration center is TEMARI. NONA's temari is closer to nature. Nature embraces us when you need to rest and to get recharged during the hectic daily life.

I embroider messages on my work, temari with naturally dyed threads. NONA threads are created from life of plants. Colors in nature are unlimited and at the same time, make you free from the fixed sense of colors.

NONA's wish to create and offer you small colorful days in life. More than grateful if we could.

Timeless Temari and Natural Dye  

Present, future and past

A thread of your life pass

Cut, frayed, and tie again

It leads to a way to yourself


NONA creates art works by corresponding the nature and own sense. To create natural-dye colors with plants is to receive the life from nature again.

To make a traditional temari is like traveling the time. NONA wants to create something new yet you feel years passed through somewhere in it.

9 is one before 10. It's considered as imperfect in Japan. Because it is not perfect, it will continue forever. NONA will travel the pass by challenging new possibilities.

To live with temari and enjoy the journey of life naturally leads to pass the culture to the next generation in the end.

From nature to a thread

Layered, wrapped and a temari is born

Let's roll with temariballs 

 Let's see far and unknown sceneries together