Temari Order

About Temari order

We accept orders for Temari.
If you are interested, please contact info@nonatmeari.com or 0368879753.
The staff in charge will provide guidance to the customer.

*Prices vary depending on pattern and size.
*Delivery time is approximately 1 month.


give a temari

Send your thoughts to someone you care about by giving them an adorable temari,
Preserve Japanese traditional culture.
This is a gift that has two meanings.

The various things we receive from plants are once-in-a-lifetime,
The scent, the color, everything is unique and full of powerful vitality.
Using this thread, we create temari, which has been passed down in Japan since ancient times, one stitch at a time.
The "wishes" in traditional patterns remain unchanged over time.
It is a kind feeling from one person to another.

Full and healthy like a temari,
I hope things go well and I hope you have a smile on your face.