Temari Bouquet -Give Temari-

Fascinated by the temari made with plant-dyed thread and traditional patterns,
NONA Temari classroom continues to deepen learning.
Branches have grown from NONA's trunk, and its unique leaves have grown lush and green.
Many students are the creators and are making temari flowers bloom.
While praying that it will touch the hearts of those who pick it up, comfort them, and heal them,
We created the traditional patterns that are loved and passed down one stitch at a time.
In addition to giving gifts called temari, we also pass on the idea of ​​``tradition.''
“Temari Bouquet” was born from the desire to connect with those close and dear to us.

The makers of “Temari Bouquet” are students of the NONA Temari class.

The enclosed instruction manual includes a message expressing the creator's thoughts on the product.
Even if they are similar in shape, size, and color, the intentions behind their creation are very different.
Of course, it's wonderful that you choose the design.
In addition, if the feelings of the recipient and the creator are in sync with each other, the gift will be irreplaceable.

We hope that “Temari Bouquet” becomes a gift that touches the “heart” of a loved one through the thoughts of its creator.

[Temari will be sold at online shop from April 2024]