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NONA Temari & Natural Dye

NONA ROOTS - Set of 9 NONA fine threads

NONA ROOTS - Set of 9 NONA fine threads

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100% cotton yarn hand-dyed with colors sourced from natural plants.

The base of NONA's temari is wrapped with this thread.

It can also be used for sashiko, embroidery, darning, etc.

Even in poor soil, they grow their roots, stand on their own two feet, and bloom into beautiful flowers. We named it ROOTS after such a strong plant.

Madder is a valuable dye plant whose roots produce a red color.

The ROOTS set is a collection of colors centered around madder, which is dyed with roots.

Contents: NONA fine thread 4 colors x 1 each

Material: 100% cotton

Length: 1 piece 5g / about 140m

Thickness: Equivalent to one DMC #25 embroidery thread

Dyed materials: Indian madder, avocado, cherry blossoms, acorns, etc.

*Please note that dyed materials may change depending on the season.

<Please keep in mind the following points regarding plant-dyed yarn before purchasing>

・There may be uneven coloring. Please enjoy it as a hand-dyed texture.

・Plant dyeing is a once-in-a-lifetime color. The exact same color cannot be dyed twice, and the color may vary slightly depending on the lot. We recommend that you purchase in advance the amount that matches the volume of your work.

・The dyed material may be different even if it is the same color.

・Please store away from direct sunlight.

・Please wash with neutral detergent.

・Dark colors may stain.

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