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NONA Thread Holder

NONA Thread Holder

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NEW COLOR Beech/Shiraki, now in stock.
*Chestnut (black) is not in stock this season.

NONA original thin thread holder.

#Okamoku's Thin Thread Holder Please share how you use it with the tag!

This is a video of how to use the thin thread holder by NONA Temari instructor Mocchi.

It makes a rattling sound when I pull out the thread.

Mr. Miyashita, the craftsman, said he designed the design because he thought it would be nice.

Make handwork fun and beautiful! Each piece is hand-finished by a woodworker in Azumino who understands the spirit of the creator, and the size and curved appearance make it a masterpiece that is great to use and look at.

We recommend using the NONA fine thread from the outside of the wound thread, but using this thread holder will allow you to pull out the thread smoothly without rolling the thread ball.

With its smooth texture and smooth movement, you can pull out the thread without stress, and since you can insert the thread trimming scissors into the center of the shaft, it is also a beautiful place to store the scissors.

The fine thread holders delivered from Azumino are all unique, with slightly different colors and wood grains. Although we cannot show everything in our online shop, we would be happy if you could love and grow the pieces we deliver.

【Product Details】

Size: 10.5cm

Weight: 114g

Material: natural wood

Color ① Beech (beech/white wood) - clear coating Color ② Keyaki (keyaki/natural) - clear coating

*Products eligible for NONA classroom student discount (please use the student discount coupon sent in advance)

*Photos are samples only. Since wood is also a natural product, there are individual differences. It's like dyeing with plants, it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Please note that it may not be exactly the same as the photo.

*NONA thread is not included.

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