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NONA Bubbly

NONA Bubbly

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Made from NONA naturally dyed threads! Bubbles of temari balls are for interior decoration.

One of them contains a bell that rings when it is shaken. The sound of the bell is used to ward off evil.

The best way to use them is as door charms. Just hang it on the door knob of a special place and it will become a special piece of interior decoration. 

All colours are soft pastels. You can't choose your favourite colour. But all the pastel colours are well balanced. We choose the best one for you.

【Temari Care】

Temari are made from rice husks. Please store them away from damp places.

To prevent the colours from fading, please display them out of direct sunlight.

*The colours of Temari and NONA threads may vary from those shown in the photographs.

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