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NONA Aroma Temari Kit

Experience the Japanese traditional folk art of aroma temari making with NONA thread. All materials are from nature and hand-made in Japan.

・Rice husks/herbs

・NONA fine thread 5g

・Essential oil  (Rose or Lavender)

・Temari needle

・Bag for husks and dry herbs

All you need to make a temari ball is included.

You can watch a video on YouTube 

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NONA TEMARI: How to Make a Aroma Temari

Let’s make an aroma TEMARI.


1.Put all materials into the bag. Start wrapping with NONA fine thread.

2.Make a temari ball round by wrapping with threads randomly.

3.Wrap it until you don’t see the base bag . Cut the thread and leave the end of thread inside the temari.

Tip of Mini-size Temari

Prepare 1 tea spoon of rice husks, 3cm x 3cm square thin paper. Try sizes as you like.