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NONA Tweed Temari Thread Kit

NONA Tweed Temari Thread Kit

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We designed a tweed temari that combines spindle-shaped patterns and bends like a woven fabric.

You can make temari that is perfect as a temari gift for an elderly man.

This time, for the first time, I chose colors with ``men'' in mind. This is a temari that will please those who like calm colors.

Would you like to make a temari for your loved one?

Works designed by Rika NONA are featured in the fall issue of COTTON FRIEND (Boutique Publishing) .

We have created a set of NONA fine thread and NONA thread used in that work.

This is a set containing only plant-dyed thread.

Please refer to " COTTON FRIEND Autumn Issue " for instructions on how to make it. There are no instructions included. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

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【Product Details】

2 NONA fine threads in 1 color (Please use to wrap the base temari.)

4 bundles of NONA yarn 4 colors


[Brown gray]

*How to make is not included. Check out “ COTTON FRIEND Autumn Issue ”.

<Please keep in mind the following points regarding plant-dyed yarn before purchasing>

  • Even with the same color, the dyed material may be different.
  • There may be uneven coloring. Please enjoy it as a hand-dyed texture.

  • Color may transfer if left wet for a long time.

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