Hand work aroma spray

Hand work aroma spray second product

What do you do when you start needlework or thread work?

I imagine it's a relaxing time to make a cup of tea, set up a place where you can sit comfortably for a long time, and gather your thread, needle, and scissors.

For me, the process of manufacturing itself is meaningful and gives me strength. I think that by creating something, I am recharging my energy.

I want to value the time I spend working with my hands.

I have been interested in scents for a long time, such as making essential oils on temari, so I have been involved in scents by studying to deepen my knowledge about essential oils.

That's how Handiwork Aroma Spray [UNKNOWN] was born.

The theme (long!) was that when you encounter the scent of lavender, which you think you know well, but encounter a scent you don't know, it becomes a new, "unknown" scent. In Japanese, they are called known and unknown, and we hope that the known will become unknown and a new world will expand in abundance.

After all, it's similar to "color," and I think people have their own preferences when it comes to "fragrance."

As my aroma teacher, Kana from Herbal Lab , tells me, my tastes are a bit multinational, but if you liked [UNKNOWN] , you'll probably like this second edition as well. I think so.

The second hand aroma spray [ KUSUDAMA] has been born.

In 2022, NONA's manufacturing will focus on "fragrance".

This product was created with the image of medicinal balls, a custom of the Boy's Festival, to get through the humid rainy season with the help of scent.

In ancient times, people made medicinal balls from fragrant plants and added incense to the medicinal balls. I find the appearance very elegant, and I can't help but feel that the ancient customs fit perfectly with me.

Incense and essential oils are completely different, but based on Kana's advice, we added the Japanese scent ``Yuzu'' to the fragrant essential oils used in the incense: clove, patchouli, and sandalwood. , I added marjoram, geranium, and red pine to the image of medicinal herbs, and created it with the image of a medicinal ball made by layering Japanese herbs. It has a somewhat solemn and familiar scent, and the result is a nostalgic feeling.

The packaging is also new. UNKNOWN comes with a mini tassel dyed with NONA's plants, but the medicinal balls are made with mini medicinal balls and five colors using NONA's plant-dyed colors. The mini medicinal balls are also slightly different in color, so which one is better? Some people are worried about this. Many men also buy it! I am very happy.

During the rainy season, please try using the power of scent to help you with your crafts. We recommend spraying the space before doing any handwork. In an instant, the space becomes yours.

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Hand work aroma spray



It's long, but please read this blog to learn more about the custom of ``yakudama.'' I'm explaining.

I would be very happy if you could learn new things through NONA and have an experience that brings together the past and present, enriching your life even just a little.