Rika Abe's history

In 2011, he discovered temari and started making temari.

In 2013, he launched a blog called Temaricious Days and began his personal activity of dyeing temari and plants.

In 2014, we sold temari for the first time at Loop London and started selling vegetable-dyed thread.

Featured in British magazine POMPOM QUARTERLY in 2015

2016 Nishi-Ogikubo FALL "FALL / Autumn" exhibition and sales

Featured in the British magazine SELVEDGE in 2016
2017 Nishi-Ogikubo GALERIE NON “TIE / Connecting things” exhibition and sale
2017 Plant-dyed thread featured in Singapore KOEL MAGAZINE
2017 Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture Handmade Sho Suguri “Exhibition of Things Born from Plant Dyeing”
2017 Nishi-Ogikubo FALL “BEFORE WINTER” exhibition and sale
2017 NHK Culture Center Yokohama Campus “Winter Temari Decorations with TEMARICIOUS” course held
2017 France ELLE DECORATION SNS posting
2017 American version of VOGUE KNITTING published

2018 TEMARICIOUS physical store Nishi-Ogikubo opened
2018 Futakotamagawa LINENBIRD HABERDASHERY “COLOURFUL DAYS / Coloring Hundred Colors” Exhibition and Sales
2018 Kateigaho HOBBY page May issue
2018 Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture Handmade Sho Suguri “Asian Vegetable Dyeing Exhibition”
2018 Omotesando WALNUT “Japanese Plant Dyeing Exhibition”
2018 Shinjuku Hotel Hilton Tokyo "Japonisme - Macaron Over Flowers" dessert fair venue interior cooperation

2018 Nishi-Ogikubo FALL “Temari Sanctuary” exhibition and sale

In charge of the 12-month serialization of the 2019 Kateigaho Temari Calendar where prayers dwell.

2019 Tokyo Dome Quilt Festival Exhibition

2019: Cooperation with guest room interior of a certain domestic hotel

2019 Nishi-Ogikubo FALL “Musubi” exhibition and sale

Interviewed in the 2020 NHK Asaichi Nishi-Ogikubo special feature.

2020 Tokyo Dome Quilt Festival Participation

Interviewed in Tokoro's Nishi-Ogikubo special feature in 2020.

2020 Bunka Publishing Bureau “TEMARICIOUS Temari” published

2020 Netherlands Koel Magazine Temari/Sashiko kit posted

2020 Cotton Friend Temari no Jikan serialization starts

2021 Wafu Temari Classroom Coverage

2021 Wool Dama Coverage

2021 UPPER THREAD Posted

Exhibition and sale at Hankyu Umeda Department Store Sese Creators Market in 2021

2021 TEMARICIOUS disbanded and became independent

May 9, 2021 NONA launched, atelier SHOP OPENed in Nishi-Ogikubo, activities began in earnest.

Click here for stores that sell plant-dyed yarn.

2015 Featured in magazine Pompom quarterly, UK
2016 Exhibition “FALL”, gallery shop FALL, Tokyo
2016 Featured in magazine Selvedge, UK
2017 Exhibition “TIE”, gallery shop GALERIE NON, Tokyo
2017 Featured in Koel magazine, Singapore
2017 Exhibition “Things Born from Natural Dye”, gallery shop SUGURI, Nagano
2017 Exhibition “Before winter”, FALL, Tokyo
2017 Temari course, NHK cultural center, Yokohama
2017 Featured in VOGUE KNITTING, USA
2018 Exhibition “Colourful days”, Linenbird Haberdashery, Tokyo
2018 Featured in Kateigaho monthly magazine
2018 Exhibition “Natural dye in Asia”, gallery shop SUGURI, Nagano
2018 Event “Natural dye”, WALNUT, Tokyo
2018 Event decoration “Japonism – Flower than Macaron” dessert fair, HOTEL HILTON TOKYO, Tokyo
2019 Hotel room interior, a renowned hotel, KYUSHU