【ARCHIVE】夏休み!自由研究にぴったり 子ども手まり教室 西荻窪 TEMARICIOUS

[ARCHIVE] Summer vacation! Perfect for independent research Children's Temari Classroom Nishi-Ogikubo TEMARICIOUS

This is TEMARICIOUS past blog archive written by Rika.


Summer vacation! Children's temari classroom perfect for independent research

Nishiogikubo Temalicious

Summer vacation children's class was held last year as well.

This year, we created a simple class where you just do maki-maki and a challenge class where you do maki-maki and then embroidery.

The event will be held at two locations for three days, August 1st, 5th, and 7th.

One location is Cocoon Parents Square next to Zenpukuji Park, which is about a 15-minute walk from Nishi-Ogikubo, and the second location is Temalicious Atelier near Nishi-Ogikubo Station.

Please check the date, time, and location carefully before applying.

Apply here !

winding class

8/1, 5, 7
This is a class where you can casually experience Temari making, a tradition handed down in Japan.
``Makimaki'', in which children are wrapped in plain colored balls without embroidered patterns, is very popular, and once children start wrapping them, they calm down and concentrate.
You will experience how to choose your own color from a variety of plant-dyed threads and create a base by wrapping rice husks in tissue paper.
Once the thread is wound up, a long temari needle is used at the end to hide the thread inside the temari, and the needle is used only once.
The completed temari can be hung on the wall, hung from the ceiling, used as an interior decoration, or as a charm that says "Grow big and round!"
[Class] 1 class in total [Duration] 1 hour [ Target] Ages 4 and over / Parents are not allowed to accompany the class during the class due to space constraints. [ Participation fee] 1,200 yen per session (including material cost) *Payable on site, cash only [Capacity] 8

challenge class

8/1, 5, 7
This is a temari class for children where you can try your hand at embroidering traditional patterns such as stars.
Wrap the rice husks in tissue paper and wrap them with original plant-dyed thread, which is characterized by its soft colors, to create a base ball, and then create a pattern on the ball with embroidery thread.
This is a challenging class where you will have to use a long hand-mari needle and even do some embroidery.
Those who participated in the indigo dyeing workshop on August 4th will be able to make temari using the indigo dyed threads they dyed together.
The finished temari can be hung and displayed.
Last year, many people decided to do research projects during their summer vacation, and we would like to introduce the history of temari and the temari found in local areas.
Let's summarize it in our own way and complete it as a summer vacation research.
Temari has the meaning of ``Grow up big and round!'' ``Things will turn out well!'' and can be used as a personal charm.
[Class] 1 session in total [Duration] 2 hours [ Target ] Ages 4 and up (Challenge class, hands on needle) Parents are not allowed to attend. [ Participation fee] 2,500 yen per session (including material cost) *Payable on site, cash only [Capacity] 8 people

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