【ARCHIVE】テマリシャス  家庭画報 祈りの宿る手毬暦 – 4月 桜

[ARCHIVE] Temaricious Home Pictorial Temari Calendar Where Prayers Live – April Cherry Blossoms


Temalicious is a vegetable dye and temari shop located 1 minute away from Nishi-Ogikubo Station on the Chuo Line.

The April issue of ``Temari Calendar with Prayer,'' which is being serialized in Kateigaho, is now on sale.

The theme of the April issue was " cherry blossoms ".

Is there a scene that comes to mind when you hear the word cherry blossoms?

Do you see yourself and the scenery of cherry blossoms overlapping in various crossroads scenes in your life?

The flowers are in full bloom and spilling out.

Kyoshi Takahama

The reason cherry blossoms have come to be so passionately admired by Japanese people is perhaps due to their beauty, both in full bloom and in the ephemeral state of falling.

I carefully read Mr. Yamanishi's explanation this time.

The poem is said to be about the moment when the flowers are in full bloom, before they fall, `` now ''.

Most of the people who read this poem can easily imagine the flower petals about to overflow at any moment, probably because they have been moved by the cherry blossoms many times, and the cherry blossoms have been present at every turn of their lives.

By focusing on the " now ", we can connect the " past" and the " future" .

The perspective of time was created in this short haiku, and I thought how rich the Japanese language is.

The ``sa'' in the cherry tree means rice , and the ``kura'' means a throne , and it is said that the god of fertility resides here. A bumper harvest was expected in years when the trees were in full bloom. Cherry blossom pattern. Indeed, the petals look like grains of rice!

This time, I made two contrasting temari: `` daytime cherry blossoms '' and `` nighttime cherry blossoms ''.

The ephemeral light cherry blossom petals are used as cherry blossoms during the day, and the rich reddish-purple color is used as night cherry blossoms.

The unevenly dyed thread worked well.

This time, silk thread was also mixed in, and I think the texture of the plant-dyed cotton thread created an interesting effect.

Although it was difficult, I feel like I was able to encounter a new material.

Art Fiber Endo, our favorite thread shop in Kyoto, gave us some advice on choosing silk thread. He is a truly great person who always encourages us. thank you very much.

Well, everyone, cherry blossom season is here. Farewell, encounter, end, beginning.

I know you're feeling a little uneasy, but please try to focus on the `` now ''.

The cherry blossoms may already be in full bloom in your heart.

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