【ARCHIVE】テマリシャス  家庭画報 祈りの宿る手毬暦 – 3月 蝶

[ARCHIVE] Temaricious Home Pictorial Temari Calendar Where Prayers Live – March Butterfly


Temalicious is a vegetable dye and temari shop located 1 minute away from Nishi-Ogikubo Station on the Chuo Line.

The March issue of ``Temari Calendar Where Prayers Live'', which is being serialized in Kateigaho, is now on sale.

Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think of this work?

I received various comments from various people, including that they understood how temari is made, that they were able to follow the movement of the threads, and that there were other patterns that were not geometrical.

If you look closely, you can see that small flowers are embroidered inside the triangles, and butterflies are embroidered inside the triangles and diamonds. All the needle movements are done in the same way as temari embroidery, so there was no stress at all!

No depression Kochoya from Tsumami Goro

Yosa Buson

I read Dr. Yamanishi's explanation that a butterfly that is pinched is ``depressed,'' uncertain and dream-like, as if it were not real. Buson is very intelligent and philosophical in his expressions.

``Butterflies'' have been loved as `` creatures that ascend to heaven ,'' and because they have the same pronunciation as ``cho'', they have become a symbol of eternal youth and longevity . It's an auspicious pattern .

When expressing this theme of ``butterflies,'' I immediately imagined butterflies from a world without space flying across a flower field.

The butterflies were the first thing I embroidered.

Without thinking about the future, if you see a diamond, stick a butterfly in it, and if you see a triangle next to it, stick a butterfly there too.

As someone who makes temari, the temari I made this time may have been a little too free.

After that, I embroidered a spring flower garden, a stage where butterflies fly from flower to flower.

I freely and happily embroidered flowers from my memory, including Japanese spring flowers such as dandelions, violets, and daffodils, and bluebells, which I loved when I lived in England, which bloom all over the forest in the spring. went.

It's been a long time since I've been in the cold, but the first day of spring has already passed.

There are only a few days left until we can actually feel the breath of spring, not just on the calendar.

Spring flowers and flowers come in a variety of colors and are in full bloom as if competing with nature for their gorgeousness. Differences create richness, and you will be overwhelmed by its beauty.

Meanwhile, the butterfly flies gracefully and sucks the honey.

Everyone, please take care of yourself.

Also, look forward to next month's issue of ``Temari Calendar Where Prayers Live''!

Keikaiho March issue now on sale!

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