【ARCHIVE】テマリシャス 家庭画報 祈りの宿る手毬暦 – 2月 雪

[ARCHIVE] Temaricious Home Pictorial Temari Calendar Where Prayers Live – February Snow


Temari Calendar with Prayers – February – Snow

From the word ``yuki (so)'' to purify

snow means purification

It is also an auspicious pattern that portends a good harvest.

A quiet winter evening with indigo dyed thread

Stitching snowflakes with silver thread or white thread

If you don't feel the cold on the ground during the winter, it won't bloom.

Yellow dyed with Halzion

It reminds me of a small breath of spring.

Mr. Yamanishi's haiku selection, Basho, was really wonderful.

I was looking forward to it every time, and I was so excited when I saw Basho.

Light your fire

Show good things

Snow Maruge

Fire in the snow and cold

It's a conversation, so it's the warmth of being with someone.

The snowman that Basho is working hard to make

The way the snowman is rolled up is also connected to temari.

The sight of Basho rolling up a snowman is so close to what we live in today, and it felt like we were suddenly transported back through time.

I went to the Faculty of Literature (I majored in English), so I can't get enough of the collaboration between words and temari.

This time I tried making various patterns with a snow theme.

The snowflake pattern on the small temari was inspired by the straw star pattern that I had students try out during the regular temari course in December.

At the same time, Ishindenshin's Temari student, who didn't know he was making snowflakes, had already perfected the pattern! So I was surprised.

Let's call it Hiromi snowflake pattern and Temalicious! I think. There are many other cute crystal patterns that are being created, so please check them out → Click here

I think the snowflakes are easier to make than the lace pattern because they have a temari-like stitching motion.

The large temari had a continuous pattern, making it typical of temari. It takes quite a lot of detail to divide the land, but once the land division is finished, it was fun to make, so I would like to do this with the Temari students someday.

I think that there is a hidden meaning behind the temari sphere, where the pattern does not cut and goes all the way around and connects.

Well, the first temari of 2019 was snow.

Praying for a connected 2019 with all of you.

Kateigaho February issue now on sale!

Serialized every month in 2019!

Look forward to seeing you again next month.

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