【ARCHIVE】テマリシャス 夏休み!子どもも大人も歓迎! 藍染体験教室 善福寺Cocoon Parents Squareにて開催

[ARCHIVE] Temalicious Summer Vacation! Both children and adults are welcome! Indigo dyeing experience class held at Zenpukuji Cocoon Parents Square

This is TEMARICIOUS past blog archive written by Rika.


Summer vacation! Both children and adults are welcome! Indigo dyeing experience class

It's summer!
It's indigo dye!
An indigo dyer is coming to Zenpukuji Cocoon Parents Square!
Gather around with your T-shirts!
After listening to the story about indigo dyeing, we squeezed the T-shirt and dyed it with indigo.
Please bring something to dye without any preparation.
You can experience the mysterious way indigo changes from green to blue.
The dyeing teacher will talk about indigo.
Great for free research during summer vacation! Parents and children are welcome to participate!
*On August 7th , we will be holding a children's temari class at Cocoon Parents Square in Zenpukuji using thread dyed with this indigo dye as a special project ! Those who participate in both the indigo dyeing and temari classes will receive a 200 yen discount!

Apply here !

[Class] 8/4 9:30-11:30
[Time required] 2 hours
[ Target] Both children and adults
[ Participation fee] 2,500 yen/adult, 2,000 yen/child
*Additional fee for children: 500 yen/child * Payable on site, cash only .
Price example:
Participating as a family of 1 adult and 2 children → Adult 2500 yen x 1, child 2000 yen 1 additional child 500 yen Total 5000 yen
Two children participating → 1st child 2000 yen, 2nd child additional 500 yen, total 2500 yen
[ What to bring] Materials for dyeing Up to two T-shirts per person. A bag to take home wet dyed items.
[Capacity] 20 people
[Venue] Cocoon Parents Square 3-26-21 Zenpukuji, Suginami-ku
*Cancelled in case of rain (we will contact you by the day before)
*Some work may be done outside on the day. Please take adequate precautions against the heat and participate.
*Please participate in clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.
*We recommend dyeing 100% cotton T-shirts. Silk is also OK. Chemical fibers may not be dyed.
Dyeing is OK as long as it is the same size as a T-shirt. Socks, bandanas, lunch bags, cushion covers, etc.
*Limited to items for personal use.
*The event will be held at Cocoon Parents Square in Zenpukuji Temple. please note.
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