[ARCHIVE] Aoji fragrant February


This is Temaricious, a temari shop and plant-dyed yarn shop in Nishi-Ogikubo on the Chuo Line.

February flies by in the blink of an eye.

It's common to run away in February.

I thought it was winter, but the first day of spring has passed and I can now feel the spring sunshine.

The other day, I went to the aroma class that I attend every month, and I encountered a new scent.

That is " Litcea ".

Did you all know?

Litcea is a flower sold as `` Aomoji '' at flower shops.

At this time of year, flowers are the first to herald spring. The branches are bluish and covered with green flowers.

This scent has a sweet and sour lemon scent that instantly refreshes your mood. It is no wonder that it has antidepressant effects .

Aroma that has sedative and sleep-inducing effects . This is the scent I want to give to myself as I feel a little tired and busy heading into spring.

This time, the training was to mix a cream to relieve pain and inflammation .

Litcea was the most impressive, so when I was thinking about what to mix it with, my teacher asked me if I wanted to try ylang-ylang. and.

I actually don't like ylang ylang...it's too sexy for me.

But when I smelled the combination of litosea and ylang-ylang, oh my! !

It has a very refreshing sweetness of ylang-ylang, and it's a scent I've never smelled before.

Basil, which has excellent antispasmodic and analgesic effects, has been added to litosea and ylang ylang.

Basil has a strong image of cooking, but it is also excellent as an essential oil. It has a spicy and refreshing scent, with the freshness of litosea and the sweetness of ylang-ylang, softened by the spice of basil.

It has become my favorite cream and I carry it with me every day.

Today, I asked the students of the Temari Regular Course to smell the scent.

If you can enjoy the scent along with your handiwork, your everyday life will be truly enriched.

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