【ARCHIVE】 結婚式でご両親へのプレゼント | テマリシャスの手まり

[ARCHIVE] Present for parents at wedding | Temaricious Temari


A wedding is the first event that the two of you have to put a lot of thought into. It might be possible to avoid unnecessary arguments if two people are responsible for their areas of expertise (lol).

I think a wedding is a place to feel loved and to confirm that you are capable of love.

Today, we have received a wonderful request and would like to introduce you to a case study in which Temalicious was involved in a wedding ceremony filled with love. This is a hint for those who want to give their parents something special, not just for a wedding, but for any other occasion.

Express your gratitude to your parents at your wedding with Temaricious temari

The groom is a gardener. Temalicious also provided us with various materials for dyeing even before we had a store.

Because of that connection, Temari stuck in the eyes of the stylish fashionista bride!

``I want you to make four of these as gifts for my parents at their wedding.''

I immediately had a meeting with Temalicious and decided on the color, design, and budget.

I received a color theme, which is also wonderful. It's a picture book from around the world that the bride dreamed of when she was little!

errol cain

"12 Dancing Princesses"

that's right. A wedding is the day when the bride becomes a princess!

I immediately ordered Errol Cain's picture book, and as I read it to my son, who only has one at home, I found myself drawn to the world of pictures and colors.

I got inspiration from various things in the world. They also told us stories about each of the parents, including what kind of person they were, their favorite flowers, and how they died after a serious illness.We learned about the traditional patterns of temari and the materials used to dye them with plants. I put meaning into various things. And of course, I used the plant-dyed thread that I received from the groom for the four temari!

The two had a cozy ceremony in Kumamoto.

We are pleased to hear that you were very pleased with it.

The Temari that remains in the hands of parents will be able to watch over the home in place of their children!

When you play Temalicious, you can participate in one scene of life like this! We are also very impressed.

At Temalicious, we make custom-made temari. For anniversaries, as souvenirs.

We ship all over Japan and all over the world! Wholesale is also possible.

Please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

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