【ARCHIVE】テマリシャス 家庭画報 祈りの宿る手毬暦 – 5月 燕

[ARCHIVE] Temaricious Home Pictorial Temari Calendar Where Prayers Live – May Swallow


Maybe it's the season of farewells and you're feeling a little sentimental. How are you all doing?

Our family has also completed a total of 8 years of nursery school life.

The downhills and uphills I rode on my mamachari. Today, there were cherry blossoms in full bloom on the side, sending us congratulations.

Eight years ago, I never thought that the days I talked to my son over my back would turn out to be treasures.

Well, the May issue of Kateigaho has been released.

This time's theme is " Swallow ".

The swallow is an auspicious pattern that has been loved since ancient times as a symbol of family harmony and fertility .

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Children of Swallows can remember how to flinch

Midori Abe

This haiku is about the little swallows that have just left the nest and are learning how to dance.

It was very difficult to express a ``swallow'' with temari, but I sketched it for the first time in a while, and tried various ways to express the flapping movement in a natural way using temari embroidery.

If I were to bring indigo to the May sky, the first thing that came to my mind would be to express the clouds with a hemp leaf pattern.

Little Yan, looking up and flying towards the future, desperately wanted to meet the two of them.

It also means that the two of us at Temalicious are still immature, and also because our second son will be graduating from kindergarten and entering school at the same time, so the two boys in our family.

The same viewpoint as the reader looking at these two young swallows is actually the "parent swallow." Someone is watching over me.

Temalicious is also growing under the watchful eye of our customers and families (lol).

I made this temari keeping in mind that "third party" perspective, had it photographed, and then the designer designed it.

I am filled with gratitude for being surrounded by various professionals every time, and helping the pages of this home pictorial to come together.

Now, it's time to leave the nest and take flight. You can feel at ease knowing that someone is watching over you, and fly into a world you can't even imagine yet. of course! Things will happen more than you imagined, and you will grow a lot.

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