[ARCHIVE] Things we recommend before doing winter crafts


Good evening. Temalicious is a dyer and temari maker in Nishi-Ogikubo .

The New Year's mood is quickly gone and the time has gone by in the blink of an eye as we move towards February.

How is everyone doing?

Every month since spring, I have been going to the pharmacist Dr. Kana to learn about essential oils.

Today is a hand treatment lesson.

At the same time, I learned about carrier oils.

Another molecule! I forget every time, but my teacher is so kind that she insists on writing.

There are so many molecules on the blackboard...long-chain fatty acids, high alcohols...I've never had anything to do with them in my life, so I was surprised to hear them.

In class, you will mix your own massage oil.

Among the many carrier oils, we selected a blend of rosehip oil, which is perfect for beauty oils, furnace oil, which is resistant to oxidation, and argan oil, which also has high beauty effects. Rosehip oil has a unique color and scent, but I decided to use it as a facial massage oil because it has a natural exfoliating effect. Add rose and frankincense, the highest quality oils, to make yourself feel better!

Before the hand massage, I received a "hand bath" . It's great to add Roman chamomile and geranium to the hot water.

``Hand bath'' Just soaking your hands in hot water for about 3 minutes will warm you up!

I would like to recommend this to everyone who does handicrafts, taking a ``hand bath'' before handicrafts in winter!

Rosemary is recommended for the winter season. This essential oil is also useful for preventing colds and influenza and relieving symptoms.

Temalicious enjoys making temari by adding aroma oil to the temari and enjoying the scent.

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