【ARCHIVE】ホテルに手まりを納品! 安心する場所に

[ARCHIVE] Delivering Temari to hotels! to a place where you feel safe


My activities as a temari shop have also become more active!

A hotel project that has been underway since last year!

We have finished delivering Temari as objects in hotel rooms.

It is displayed in a room overlooking the castle.

We will gradually deliver the products based on a three-year plan.

I'm thinking of staying in a room with Temaricious Temari because it's a place I have a personal connection to.

Placing temari in your interior will make the atmosphere soft and gentle.

The softness and round shape of the plant-dyed threads have a relaxing and reassuring element.

It goes well with different materials, and when combined with natural materials, as well as cold-looking and hard-looking materials such as steel and stone, it creates a great balance.

This time, we delivered temari to a hotel room.

Speaking of hotels, we think of "travel."

I think most of the time when we travel, we have a variety of reasons.

I hope Temari can bring you a sense of security by turning off your various thoughts even for a moment.

Temaricious couldn't be happier.

This time, we were making a proposal for a hotel, but how about the interior decoration of restaurants, lounges, therapy rooms, company entrances, etc.?

Of course, you can make your own Temalist, so I want you to enlarge your favorite pattern and decorate it!

It's so wonderful.

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