【ARCHIVE】 テマリシャスの孫手まり – 祖父母からのプレゼント

[ARCHIVE] Temalicious's Grandchild Mari – Present from grandparents


One day, I received a phone call. After seeing an article about Temaricious published in Kateigaho, she wanted to order a temari that would serve as a talisman for her grandchild.

He wants his grandchild to live a bouncy life like a temari, so it's a lucky charm.

I chose a hemp leaf pattern for my grandchild. The hemp leaf pattern is made of a combination of triangles.

Linen, cotton, and indigo were three precious herbs in daily life.

I pray that they will grow strong and fast like hemp, and that the triangle is meant to ward off evil spirits, and that my two grandchildren will have a healthy, straight, round, and full of heart-filled lives. I made a wish.

Madder for girls and indigo for boys. The temari are all handmade using yarn dyed by Temalicious.

Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity to help convey my thoughts to my grandchild!

I was a grandmother's girl, so if my grandmother gave me a temari with this kind of feeling...I would cry (lol) I lived overseas all the time in my 20s, so I wish I had received the temari back then. I think I traveled with Temari because my grandmother loved to travel.

Would you like to give a talisman to your grandchild who is far away? We will send it all over the world! He will be watching over your grandchildren!

Mari Grandote

Temalicious accepts orders for custom-made temari. Wholesale is also possible, so please feel free to contact us by email, phone, or in-store to discuss your budget, design, and thoughts on presents.


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