[Event] Hirakata Handicraft City vol.16

NONA will participate! !

We will also be holding a workshop, so please make a reservation from the reservation page using the link below.

We are looking forward to seeing you.


Hirakata Handicraft City vol.16

Make your craft life more fun!
``Hirakata Handicraft Market'' is fun for both handicraft lovers and non-handicraft enthusiasts.

At the 16th Hirakata Handicraft Market,
[IBAMOTO HONTEN] and [Rug/Tufting ROOM~Hook~] are opening for the first time!

A total of 10 stores will open at two event venues.
There are a variety of handicraft materials carefully selected by each store owner.
Carefully and beautifully dyed threads, unique buttons,
Handmade beads made from melted glass,
From vintage items with a deep history to modern items,
A large collection of various handicraft materials!

In addition, [NONA] will be holding a workshop where you can experience tufting two types of temari [Rag Tufting ROOM ~ Hook ~].

Click here to apply for the Temari workshop.

easter egg temari

pincushion temari

What you encounter at that time is truly a once-in-a-lifetime chance.
Full of highlights and new encounters
3-day “Hirakata Handicraft Market”
Please enjoy it at the venue.

[Duration] July 7th (Friday) to July 9th (Sunday), 2023
[Time] 10:00-18:00
[Venue] 4F event space/shugei lab. Back event space⁡
《Participating stores》
■Rollo Antiques
■Melting Point
■kiko vintage
■m's-select & ms workshop @msselect_koubou
■Rug tufting ROOM~Hook~

*Payment will be made at each booth.
*Not eligible for T points.
*Please bring your own shopping bags.

Hirakata Tsutaya Bookstore shugei lab.
(Please proceed to voice guidance ②→②)
Business hours▶︎10:00〜19:00

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