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イギリス / UK

・Loop Knitting – London

・Eight Needles - London


アメリカ / USA

・Shugei Craft – New York

・Tatter - Brooklyn, New York

・Brooklyn General Store – New York

・Sue Spargo - Ohio 

・Wild Hand - Philadelphia

・Modest Transition - Philadelphia

・Seed Stitch Studio - Minneapolis

・Bee Handmade Boutique - West Chester, Pennsylvania


オーストラリア / AUSTRALIA

・Fibre Smith – Victoria 

・Woollykins - Victoria


スイス / Switzerland

・Arbeit an der Masche  – Zurich

・YingDesign -  Winterthur


フランス / France

・Filfoly SARL –





  • You should be a registered retailer in your country.
  • Have your web site.
  • No wholesalers.


  • An artist who has hold exhibitions or workshops.

If you meet above requirements and are considering to carry our product, please provide;

  • Your URL or SNS account
  • Contact details (address, telephone number & email address)

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