[SHOP event] Nakatsu Hoki × NONA POP UP STORE

Nakatsu Hoki × NONA


Thursday, March 30, 2023 - Thursday, April 6, 2023

(Closed on 4/3, 4/4)

It's almost two years since NONA started.

For the past two years, we haven't had many opportunities to hold a POP UP event at NONA SHOP, but we want to invite a lot of brands and artists and make it a fun shop! I've always had this feeling.

Now that the NONA staff is in place, we would like to make the SHOP even more lively from this year onwards.

This time, we will be holding a POP UP STORE of Nakatsu Hoki, a handmade broom brand from Nakatsu, Kanagawa.

This is the memorable first corporate brand POP UP at NONA SHOP.

Nakatsu Hoki (Machizukuri Yamagami Co., Ltd.) grows 100% of the broom sorghum, the raw material for brooms, on its own premises, and all brooms are handmade by craftsmen.

This time, we received a request from Nakatsu Houki for two types of plant-dyed threads, ``palm'' and ``camellia'', to be used in making brooms.

The palms and camellias were also grown on Nakatsuhoki's premises.

From top: camellia (purple), camellia (pink), palm (yellow), palm (khaki green)
Mini hand broom with branches 50cm left/palm right/camellia
Diagonal small broom 15cm Left/Palm Right/Camellia

The way it is applied to the broom is truly sophisticated.

It is very nice.


At the end of the year before last, we have continued to have a great relationship since we collaborated on the production of brooms planned by Koenji cotogoto .

We will keep you informed of product details on our Instagram , etc.

Please look forward to it.

*There are no plans to sell this product through our online shop or mail order.

It will be sold exclusively at SHOP during the period.


Nakatsu broom

Machizukuri Yamagami Co., Ltd.

3687-1 Nakatsu, Aikawa-cho, Aiko-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL/FAX 046-286-7572


Broom making in Nakatsu evolved from the lifestyle on the Nakatsu Plateau, where it was difficult to grow rice.

People lived along cliffs at the edge of plateaus where they could easily get water, and trees such as palms and camellias, which had strong roots and were said to prevent the slope from collapsing, were planted on the cliffs.

Even today, many of these trees remain in Nakatsu, and they are part of the landscape of broom making.

These are the colors of the plants that have continued to watch over broom making.


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