[Event] KIGINU POP-UP ・Plant dyeing WS SLOW HOUSE Tennozu Period|3.25 SAT. - 4.23 SUN.

With the theme of "manufacturing that is environmentally friendly and coexists with beautiful nature," KIGINU develops items that enhance the charm of sophisticated adult women.

Hiro Nishiuchi, a model and lifestyle designer who works as an environmental ambassador both domestically and internationally, uses raw silk , a by-product of the regular silk spinning process, to create fashion that is kind to the skin and the earth. is produced.

Hiro originally had an interest in vegetable dyeing, so he visited NONA for research on vegetable dyeing, and after experiencing it firsthand, a connection was established and he is now in charge of vegetable dyeing.

Mr. Hiro and his staff have visited our atelier many times and experienced dyeing with plants, and we are particular about the plants we use as materials, and items dyed with plants will be featured in this POP-UP event. Masu.

On your days off, wear clothes made from gentle natural materials that allow you to spend your time relaxing and luxuriously...

Even when you go out for a mile or go on a trip, you want to take your time and enjoy wearing clothes that make your body happy.

I can totally relate to this feeling.

Although it is difficult to see this product in person, this time, a POP-UP will be held at SLOW HOUSE Tennozu store (ACTUS). It is also introduced in detail on SLOW HOUSE's BLOG .

NONA will be selling 100% plant-dyed cotton NONA thread and fine thread that can be used for embroidery, sashiko, and darning, and a plant-dyed kit that you can dye at home at POP-UP.

On the first day, March 25th, Hiro-san will be in the store, and NONA will also be holding a vegetable dyeing workshop .

Hiro selected ``avocado'' as the material, which he had experienced for the first time, and dyed it with the avocado skin and seed, which are materials that would otherwise be thrown away. If you are interested in vegetable dyeing, why not try it out with us?

Applications are easy, just call SLOW HOUSE and apply for NONA vegetable dyeing.

*Application for participation: Slow House Tennozu (TEL: 03-5495-9471)

Would you like to take a walk to Tennoz?

We also recommend nearby PIGMENT .

POP-UP details follow after the photo.

Slow House (Tennozu)
Period|3.25 SAT. - 4.23 SUN.

untwisted silk thread,
Raw silk “Kiginu”

At Slow House (Tennozu), from March 25th (Sat) to April 23rd (Sun) 2023, the second pop-up of the relaxing wear brand "KIGINU" made from sustainable materials will be held. This event will be held.

KIGINU is a brand launched by lifestyle designer Hiro Nishiuchi with the theme of creating products that coexist with beautiful nature. Our desire is to create relaxing wear that expresses who you are and makes you want to wear it as a part of your body.

At this pop-up, KIGINU's spring/summer collection has arrived. “Plant dyed” spring/summer colors will also be available. It is sustainable and comfortable to use in everyday life.

Additionally, an art exhibition by three artists (Oshima Oteru/REI INABA/Hien) will be held at the same time. Please enjoy KIGINU's world view at the store.

*KIGINU producer Hiro Nishiuchi will be in the store.
3.25 (Sat), 3.26 (Sun) 12:00-16:00 / 4.15 (Sat), 4.23 (Sun) 12:00-18:00

<Looking for participants! > Vegetable dyeing workshop by NONA We will be holding a workshop on vegetable dyeing using avocado and dyeing drawstring bags.
Date and time: Saturday, March 25, 2023
Morning session: 11:00-12:30 / Afternoon session: 15:00-16:30
Venue: Slow House/Tennozu Capacity: 6 people each time (first come, first served)
Participation fee: 5,500 yen/tax included (please pay on the day)
*Application for participation: Slow House Tennozu (TEL: 03-5495-9471)
*Introduced on Slow House Tennozu Instagram

KIGINU brand director

Relaxation wear brand " KIGINU ". Hiro Nishiuchi is a model and lifestyle designer who is actively working on environmental issues rooted in SDGs both domestically and internationally.