[Online shop sales start] It's the season for New Year's cards.

In no time at all, we started talking about the year-end and New Year holidays.

What kind of year was 2021?

I am creating postcards by re-editing the photos I created and photographed when I serialized the 2019 "Kateigaho" page titled "Temari Calendar Where Prayers Live" for a year. Finally uploaded to the online shop.

We also hold a temari class called ``Twelve Landscapes Conveyed with Plant Colors'' where you can make the temari mentioned in this series.

These postcards are popular as thank you notes and are often purchased at stores. Made of high-quality, thick paper, it is also perfect for sending elaborate letters to superiors.

Do you have a favorite moon temari?

All have auspicious temari patterns.

Especially popular for New Year's cards are the bright madder and yellow ``New Year's Day Grass'' and the ``Harmony'' crane pattern.

There is also a set of 12 pieces for one year. This is a little cheaper.

Why not write letters to the people you care about who are still close to you but can't meet?

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