[Event] Lemmikko×NONA ~ Colors of Megumi Plants and Thread Play ~ 2023 Winter Hankyu Umeda Main Store

Lemmikko × NONA ~ Megumi colors of plants and thread play ~ 2023 Winter

We are lucky enough to be able to spend a week in the world of embroidery with Lemmikko @lemmikko.jp ! This is an event.

See you in Umeda, Osaka.


Hankyu Umeda Main Store
10th floor Sesse Creators Atelier

October 18th (Wednesday) to 24th (Tuesday)
Workshops will be held during the event

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Click here for NONA's workshop.

We make needle minders finished with temari embroidery on botanical fabrics.

There will be a joint workshop with Lemmikko ♡, a solo workshop with NONA, and of course a solo workshop with Lemmikko, so there will be a lot of content.

Starting with the plant-dyed silk thread I worked on with Lemmikko, I learned anew about the depth, breadth, and gorgeousness of the world of embroidery.

This time, NONA will bring in different materials than usual, such as vegetable-dyed threads and embroidery materials that are vegetable-dyed. Of course, we also have plant-dyed wool that has just started this season.

I hope that Lemmikko's embroidery and NONA's vegetable dyeing will serve as inspiration for you this fall.

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