[Event] Flower-blooming spring handicraft weather Nara Tsutaya Bookstore

Thank you to everyone in Nara!

We will also be holding a workshop this time! !

[Nara Tsutaya Bookstore] Temari rondo made with plant-dyed thread

Date: March 17th (Friday) 10:30-12:30 (2 hours)

Capacity: 6 people

Target: Beginners welcome *Anyone can participate.
What to bring: An eco bag (A4 size) to put your finished work in, and all other tools will be rented.
Venue: Nara Tsutaya Bookstore 1st floor craft table
Click here for details and to apply. We are now accepting applications.
Let's make Rondo!


Introducing the event.

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[Fair] A perfect day for spring handicrafts when flowers bloom

For those who love handicrafts, the Spring Handicraft Fair is what you've been waiting for. Introducing ``NONA'', which is very popular for its temari and plant-dyed thread, ``Cohana'', which has cute handicraft tools for adults, and the ``100 Neesan Series'', which is even more fun with the addition of new items. Enjoy spring handicrafts by choosing all the things you want without hesitation.

A popular temari and vegetable dyed brand with a store in Nishi-Ogikubo, Tokyo. ``NONA'' means ``9'' in Latin, and the sound of the number 9 has the meaning of ``ball'', temari, and ``ku'', a wish to last forever. With plant-dyed temari, a one-of-a-kind spherical art form, as the core of our brand, we create products that add color and shine to your daily life.
A heart-pounding brand of handmade craft tools, created with a focus on Japan's local industries and crafts. High-quality and beautiful designs that utilize carefully selected materials and production areas and utilize traditional craftsmanship techniques. Attractive colors chosen from traditional Japanese colors. As highly functional and practical tools, we have a collection of gems that you will want to cherish for a long time.

HP: cohana.style
Instagram: @cohana‗style

[100 Neesan]
Niisan and a pet have newly joined the ``100 Neesan'' series, where you can play with cloth like dress-up by pasting cloth and embroidering. People in black clothes also joined in, making it even more fun. You will be able to learn the basics of embroidery while stitching freely as you wish. It's easy to start, so it's also recommended for beginners in handicrafts.

HP: www.lecien.co.jp
Instagram: @100neesan