[Event] Nara Tsutaya Bookstore Spring Handicraft Fair

NONA, we are meeting everyone in Nara for the first time.
We also have plant-dyed threads that are hand-dyed one by one, as well as special temari kits.
It is a plant-dyed thread that started out as temari thread, but it is also popular for sashiko.
Please enjoy it.
[Recommendations for spring blooming handicrafts]
It's sure to be fun and adorable if you make it yourself.

Spring is the season when you want to start something new.

We suggest cute handicrafts that you can enjoy while working at home.

We offer fabric play kits and handicraft supplies that are easy to get started.

Location: Nara Tsutaya Bookstore 1st floor lifestyle corner

Date: March 19 , 2022 ( Sat )April 18 , 2022 ( Mon )