Gypsophila temari necklace workshop held


The other day, Ito Workshop held a field trip to Kyoto.

The venue is idola in Kyoto, which is located in a historic building!

Including those who are winding temari for the first time at Hydra Gallery,

We all rolled it up.

Despite the workshop having many steps such as how to make grain temari, how to make it into accessory parts, how to make necklace parts, and how to attach grain temari, everyone's concentration was high and the work was completed in no time. .

Please take a look at the wonderful works!

And this time, we will be holding an ITO workshop at Hirakata Handicraft City !

Due to the coronavirus, I haven't been able to propose any workshops until now, but when I think of Nona, I think of the Temari class. Although there are only a few people who would like to share the fun of winding temari together, we will set up a workshop time once a day during the handicraft market.

Reservations will be prioritized , so please make your reservations in advance.

You may be able to participate if there is space on the day.

To make a reservation, please click here★ , which is a dedicated reservation site.

We look forward to your reservation.

Click here for details.

ITO WORKSHOP is held at NONA where you can enjoy crafts using vegetable-dyed thread.
This time, ITO WORKSHOP will be on a field trip to Hirakata Handicraft City .
Mari Tanite's Kasumigusa Necklace
When you wrap a small temari with plant-dyed thread, it looks like a jewel.
Make it into a necklace.
I will teach you how to make temari into parts from the beginning.
It's an easy craft-like accessory making process. A grain temari that you won't be able to stop once you start rolling it.
It's quick to make, gives a sense of accomplishment, looks very neat, and is really cute.
July 8th (Friday) 13:00-15:30
July 9th (Sat) 11:00-13:30
July 10th (Sat) 11:00-13:30
NONA Workshop Lecturer (Rie)
4F Cafe space
Hirakata T-SITE
12-2 Okahigashicho, Hirakata City, Osaka 573-0032
Train: 1 minute walk from the south exit of Keihan Railway Hirakatashi Station
[Class] Total 1 time
[Time required] 2 and a half hours
[ Target] Beginners welcome
[ Participation fee] 4,950 yen (tax included) *All tools rental and material costs included
Regarding materials: On the day of the event, you will be asked to choose from two different colors for the necklace base.
・Blue green color
・Cafe au lait color
You can freely choose the winding thread for grain temari from among the ones we have prepared.
We recommend that you wear the clothes you want to match on the day, as it will be easier to match colors.
*Please contact NONA for all inquiries regarding the workshop. This is not Shugei lab. or Hirakata Tsutaya Bookstore.
[What to bring] Please bring a bag to take the necklace home with you.
[About cancellation] *Due to preparations, cancellation is possible 3 days in advance. Cancellations after that time will not be accepted and we will send you a kit of simple materials to make at home. Detailed instructions for making are not included. Please note.
Cancellations can be made up to 3 days in advance . Cancellations can be made up to 3 days before the class start time.
Example: Class on February 23rd at 10am → Last cancellation date: February 20th at 10am. Please note that there will be no refunds after that time.

A gypsophila necklace workshop will also be held in Nishi-Ogikubo.

We will let you know, so please wait for announcements on Instagram etc.

Thank you.