UN/KNOWN アロマスプレー  

UN/KNOWN aroma spray

Enjoy the unknown and known worlds

UN/KNOWN aroma spray was loved even during the Temalicious era, and NONA has decided to create its own original aroma spray products.

This scent is a blend of scents that I tend to pick up.

The first essential oil for me was lavender.

Lavender is probably familiar to everyone.

It was the same for me. What if this known scent meets an unknown scent? Blended with the theme. (Or rather, that's what happened in the end.)

The feeling of encountering a familiar scent with an unfamiliar one, and then that familiar scent becoming a new scent. I hope that my daily life is full of small happiness through this repetition of the known and the unknown.

There is a story about lavender that I love.

This essay was written by perfumer Keiichiro Tsuda on the Tree of Life website.

Here, Mr. Tsuda describes lavender as the scent of ``when you cry a lot,'' and I'm a fan because I think he's able to convey the message perfectly with wonderful words. When you smell lavender, it's a sign that you're healthy! On the other hand, when you feel good, it's a sign that you're actually a little tired. Please also read Mr. Tsuda's essay.

blended essential oils

lavender angusfolia

It was also the first herb I grew, and it's still my favorite scent every time I smell it. Even though it's a familiar scent, when you blend it, it feels completely different, giving you a mysterious feeling.


I love this earthy scent and find myself using it as it leaves a mark on me.


You might think it's a wood scent, but it's light and fragrant, and if you're having a hard time adding horwood to it, it will blend in well.


Many people may be familiar with this scent. A typical citrus scent that is refreshing, but also a little cool.


I first smelled the essential oil obtained from a plant called Aomonji when I learned about essential oils. The lemon-like scent will instantly make you feel depressed.

black spruce

It has the scent of a coniferous tree in the pine family, and I first smelled it when I was learning about essential oils. Even though it's sharp, there's a gorgeousness and lightness to it, and this is one of those wonderful scents that I've come to include when I can't decide.

Did you know many scents?

In the past, when I didn't know much about essential oils, I couldn't understand why they were listed side by side, but as I deepened my knowledge, I discovered the joy of turning the unknown into the known. Nothing beats experience.

Go back and forth between KNOWN and UNKNOWN. May each day be filled with joy.



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