Temari Classroom Exhibition Gallery held during the TEMARICIOUS era

During the NONA Temari class, we talked about wanting to see photos from past classroom exhibitions, so please take a look!

It was organized mainly by first-year student volunteers from TEMARICIOUS Temari Classroom.

It's really amazing that it's hosted by students.

Due to the coronavirus, we have not been able to hold a proper exhibition.

NONA is planning an exhibition of works by Temari class students this summer, 2022. It’s actually been 3 years! ! ! Also, the number of students has increased dramatically, so I'm getting goosebumps with excitement as I think it's going to be something incredible.

We will report as soon as the details are decided.

~Past records~

Teacher Temari

Please take a look at the photos.


You can also see the photos on #Temariinensei.

Thank you very much for your support.