Experience a Japanese culture, hand craft? Temari Workshop in Tokyo, Japan

Experience a Japanese culture, hand craft? Temari Workshop in Tokyo, Japan

Experience Tokyo Traditional Crafts and Culture

Welcome to Tokyo and Japan!

We had a nice temari time with a guest from UK

It was wonderful 3 hours class, tought in English and the class is mixed with our usual Japanese students! Our cozy craft room is occupied with full of laugh and love. More than 100 colors are on the wall in the room. Those are all hand -dyed and 100% naturally dyed.

Listening of trips from Hokkaido and Tohoku area to Kyoto, Osaka .... and advising where to visit next in Shikoku and Kyushu .... about Onsen, Japanease food, green tea, sweets, manga and Japanese hand crafts ...

Endless fun!

She finished on the way home back to England!

Reviews from our cusotmers
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This class was excellent. The teacher explained everything very clearly, in both Japanese and English. Very welcoming and cozy atmosphere. It was my first time making temari and it was even more fun than I anticipated. Will definitely return for more classes.

Making a Temari with Nona Temari was an amazing 👏 experience ❤️!
Mochi San, who led the course was very gentle and kind. She explained very well. I can speak very little Japanese and still I was able to understand a lot l! 😊
I highly recommend the Nona Temari Class!

Making Temari with Nona Temari was an amazing 👏experience❤️!
Mochi-san, who led the course, was very gentle and kind. She explained it very well. Although I can hardly speak Japanese, I was still able to understand a lot. 😊
I highly recommend Nona Temari Classroom!

★ 5 / 5
Amazing experience! We had a lovely time in class. We left with enough knowledge to keep working at home! Instructor spoke wonderful English and helped us engage with the Japanese speaking participants as well!
★ 5 / 5
This temari workshop was delightful. Mochi, the teacher was attentive and spoke very good English. The three hours flew by but we each came away satisfied with two balls we had worked on. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in Japanese crafting.
★ 5 / 5

Amazing teachers! They taught in a way that made it easy to understand, were friendly, offered yummy snacks and tea, and made the experience unforgettable! Would definitely love coming back!

★ 5 / 5
All the explanation and demonstration are very clear and easy to understand and follow. The teacher could communicate in English fluently. All materials are provided and cost included in the course fee. The fee is very reasonable. I enjoyed the workshop very much.

★ 5 / 5

We really enjoyed our lesson. The teacher was fantastic and explained each technique very clearly. Her English was excellent. I would highly recommend this class.

We welcome your experience and a trial of temaribal making at Nishiogikubo in Tokyo. It is 10 mins from Shinjyuku by JR train. It's near from center of Tokyo but Nishiogikubo is very relaxed cozy town.

You can find a schedule on our booking site.

If your trip does not fit to the schedule, please send us an email to;


We might be able to adjust the schedule for you!


Looking forward to seeing you!!

You can easily find where NONA is from the Nishiogikubo Station. Please refer to the our YouTube video.

Class venue is on the second floor of NONA shop. NONA shop offers all materials including naturally dyed embroidery flosses, Sashiko threads, needles and temari crafts. NONA shop closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.


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