Sashikoとヨーロッパ Studio Masachuka / Eight Needles

Sashiko and Europe Studio Masachuka / Eight Needles

UNIQLO I heard from a business partner that UNIQLO has started a repair and sashiko service, and this spring I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Morikawa, the representative of Studio Masachuka , who is in charge of Europe and North America. In January, I was able to visit Uniqlo's sashiko services in Denmark, Copenhagen, and London just in time. Now, NONA's plant-dyed yarn has finally made its debut in Studio Masachuka's new brand Eight Needles .

I've uploaded a lot of photos of Sashiko that I saw in Copenhagen and London.

Copenhagen edition

In Copenhagen, Strøget is a shopping street that represents Scandinavia. It is a 1.1km pedestrian paradise connecting Copenhagen's City Hall Square and Kongens Nytorv Square.

There was a RE.UNIQLO repair studio at UNIQLO in Stroget.

With works like this all over the walls, it was a place where you could feel close to sashiko, and spend time holding hands in a fusion of fast fashion and slow fashion.

I met a handicraft shop owner in Copenhagen who loves sashiko and asked if he had seen this sashiko project. When I heard that, I didn't know about it yet, so I'm going to go see it right away! It said.

Sashiko originally began as something to strengthen or preserve clothing, but in modern times I think it's more commonly known as ``Sashiko dish towels.'' Sashiko stitching on clothes is very pleasant, but when I see sashiko stitched on clothes, I feel that the possibilities of sashiko are endless. The G jacket and sashiko were also very good.

This is what I saw in Copenhagen. I uploaded as many photos as possible!

I'm kind of happy that sashiko exists in Copenhagen, and it's also a hot fact that there are companies and people who pass on Japanese craftsmanship, transcending nationality and borders, so it's completely unrelated. However, in the city of Copenhagen, I feel that there is still infinitely more work that can be done to pass on Japanese culture and preserve it.

It was a fairly large wall-length sashiko panel.

Uniqlo's one-point embroidery service has become a buzz in Europe, and in London there were lines of people waiting to get their own pictures embroidered. It was also embroidered and cute.

Click here for UNIQLO's Copenhagen RE.UNIQLO site

London edition

In February of this year, Ms. Morikawa, the representative of sewing studio Studio Masachuka, was invited as a representative of the British Fashion Council to a celebration for the Asian community hosted by the British King and Royal Family, with 350 participants . Approximately 20 people were selected to meet directly with King Charles III and the Royal Family in a separate room, wearing Re.Uniqlo's sashiko work. I was happy to be able to see the pieces I wore at the UNIQLO store in Regent Street, London (please note that there are multiple UNIQLO stores in London).

The Regent Street Repair Studio is located on the site of the former Barbar Saloon, and the interior of the store is inspired by that. Larger and more spacious than Copenhagen You can really feel Morikawa's style and sashiko.

They also sold tools, books, and goods needed for sashiko and repairs.

"There aren't many places in Europe where you can easily buy thread directly. There are usually no classes in which you can use needles and thread at school," Morikawa said during the meeting, and Studio Masachuka is a new handicraft supplies shop. I learned the significance of launching a new brand. I feel a sense of familiarity between NONA's 9 and Eight Needles' 8.

We are now selling NONA's plant-dyed threads packed in special strands at Eight Needle . This is an Eight Needle exclusive product. The indigo-dyed string and the madder roots that appear after dyeing are dried and used for decoration.

NONA threads are made into threads in Japanese factories, dyed, rolled up, and made into products.

I am very happy that the baton of collaboration was passed on in London, with Japanese people passing this message on to the world, and it is reassuring to know that I have found new comrades.

Sashiko is connected to the world through thread.

At NONA, we visited Denmark and London in June, and it was a time when we reaffirmed our direction of focusing more on communicating "Japan" and learned that there are many such friends around the world.

It's located at the backbone of London's shopping streets.

Inside, there was a barber with a repair customer sitting in a barber chair waiting!

I never thought I could see the real thing!

In contrast to the sashiko wear that can be dressed up, the photo below shows Morikawa wearing casual clothes.

Even with just a little sashiko, you can match your UNIQLO clothes with your neighbor, or your neighbors, and avoid looking in sync at work.

About RE.UNIQLO activities at UNIQLO London

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