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#nonatabigram Visit William Morris Gallery

During my stay in London, there were blue skies every day. It wasn't the refreshing summer climate of June in London, but rather the heat of mid-summer in Japan, and although I was feeling a little tired, I visited the William Morris Gallery, which I had always wanted to visit.

It's located a little outside of London, It's easy to get to Walthamstow Central on the Victoria Line subway, so if you have a little time, I think it's a great place to stretch your legs.

Morris from the station ♡

There is also a bus from the station, but I thought it would be more fun to walk, so I headed to the gallery while walking, and at a shop I stopped by, I met a clerk with a strong Cockney accent for the first time in a while, and I was rather moved. I don't understand English at all! (lol)

When I arrived at the gallery, I saw that it was a very nice mansion turned into a gallery, and as soon as I entered, I was greeted by a gentleman.Where can I buy an admission ticket? I heard something stupid.

That's right, museums and museums are free in this country.

It reminded me of when I lived there a long time ago. I was (still am) fed up with the high prices of everything I do, but then I found out that my favorite gallery was free, so I started going to galleries and going to cafes as much as I had time.

I was impressed that this is a country where you can learn without spending a lot of money if you want to learn.

The house where Morris actually lived has been turned into a gallery.

After learning his history, the advanced room captured my heart!

This is because I learned that Morris used a vegetable dyeing approach.

My excitement suddenly increased and I ended up watching the video for a while.

The threads left over from vegetable dyeing are beautiful. Perhaps one of the characteristics of vegetable dyeing is that the color fades beautifully. It is said that the colors will wither, but this thread does not wither and is ripe!

I had no idea that I had my own indigo bottle and had even gone so far as to create block prints. I imagine that the wave of new dyeing techniques was quite intense for his time. I wanted to know more about what he thought about the time-consuming process of vegetable dyeing, which is not suitable for industrial products.

And now we meet the long-awaited strawberry thief print!

Temari's Strawberry Thief was also worth the trip to London. cute~.

You can buy souvenirs, there is a cafe, and the gallery is surrounded by a park, so it's a very pleasant place. This is a recommended spot in London.

NONA Strawberry Thief Temari comes in a kit with a base made, and is currently available for purchase at events held at Hankyu Umeda Main Store and at Isetan Mitsukoshi's online shop.

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