#nonatabigram デンマークの草木染めワークショップ G-ULD にて Vol.1

#nonatabigram Vol.1 at Danish vegetable dyeing workshop G-ULD

I think I learned from Instagram that there was an overnight workshop where people from various countries gather together to dye plants in nature. That was G-ULD's vegetable dyeing workshop in Denmark. It was now nothing more than a place to dye my ideal figure with plants.

Later, when I held a temari workshop in New York, USA, I happened to have a person who actually attended the workshop. I remember very well that he got really excited talking about it, told me about his participation, and told me that Rika should definitely go. Why would I come all the way from America to Denmark? I think it's easy to cross borders and do what you like. I also went from Japan to America to teach Temari, and I was surprised (lol)

After that, we entered the coronavirus era and missed the opportunity to travel to Denmark.

I was able to participate this time mainly because NONA successfully celebrated its second anniversary and we have established a system in which work continues steadily even when I am away and does not cause any inconvenience to customers. I am sincerely grateful.

G-ULD workshops are more popular in the summer, and they fill up quickly once applications are posted. So, when I saw the recruitment for June this year, I remember being excited and thinking, "It's time to make a decision!" This is because I also work as a mother and am involved in a lot of things, and around the end of last year it was still difficult to travel, so it took courage to make a decision. But somehow, I had a feeling that I had to go.

In conclusion, I'm glad I went at this timing.

I think there will always come a time when you can't predict the future when you try to start something new. So by deciding whether to go or not, you can change your future. Honestly, I don't mind either decision, but I feel like either decision will be the right one because I'm going to act so I don't regret it.

I didn't know where G-ULD was until last minute, and I just assumed it was near Copenhagen, but it turned out to be quite a distance away! So instead of Copenhagen Airport, I decided to land at the nearest airport, BILLUND Airport, which is famous for Legoland. This is a good opportunity, so please take a look at the map of Denmark.

On the first day, in the evening we each checked into our assigned accommodation at a nearby B&B, and then gathered at G-ULD. The 15 participants came from many different countries. Dutch people living in France, British people living in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, from Shetland, Canada and England. Friends, mothers and daughters also participated.

Some people came from the Netherlands and Germany while camping, and another person's boyfriend was camping nearby and came from there on a moped (motorcycle).As expected, we were all connected by land! You also came by car from Norway. He said he would take the ferry home. It's been a while since I studied abroad in the UK, and it's been a long time since I've studied in such an international environment.

Over the course of four days, the students will work as a team to dye 72 colors of wool, make small skeins, and go home. All meals come with rice and I eat them at G-ULD!

It was like a dream for me to spend 4 days doing nothing but dyeing with plants! 72 colors in 4 days! is very valuable content. I usually dye mainly cotton, so I was very interested in wool dyeing, color development, and handling.

From the first day, there was a self-introduction, lecture, mordant preparation for dyeing, and preliminary preparation for dyeing.

The members from Canada and I were both jet-lagged, so from here on out, we were sleepy...we looked at each other, laughed, and dozed off... The first day was the hardest ~~ (lol)

In the next blog, I will introduce the details of the workshop.

The place where G-ULD is located is a wonderful place with a lot of nature.

From B&B, we all went to G-ULD together. There's no signboard either.

G-ULD's SHOP, dyeing area and inner coat exposed to the setting sun.

G-ULD's wonderful SHOP ♡ Full of temptation.

100 times more than NONA? How wide is it? ?

A cat who helps with vegetable dye preparation. He doesn't play tricks on the thread at all and is very friendly.

It will take 4 days to create this color. Excitement MAX!


A wool maker that continues to pass on traditional Danish vegetable dyeing, started by Anne and Louise. We hold an international vegetable dyeing class twice a year.


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