NONA SKY  そらいろ

NONA SKY Sorairo

I'm currently looking at the rainy season sky in Nishi-Ogikubo, Tokyo.

The sound of non-stop rain and thick, heavy clouds. A shower over sudden thunderclouds.

A never-sunny sky can be tiring for humans, but plants don't care about that and rejoice in the rainy sky with their whole bodies. Fresh greenery.

In my hands, NONA's hand dyed the sky blue with the plants.

In the world of drawing with temari, you can draw the sky with any color you like.

Your sky color.

What kind of sky did you all grow up under?

Under what kind of sky did you encounter an unforgettable landscape?

What color of the sky made you cry?

What kind of sky did you entrust your wish to?

I'm sure your "Sorairo" is beautiful.

Will NONA's sky blue be mixed with everyone's memories and wishes and become a special color again? I would be very happy if I could do something like that and bring some small happiness into everyone's lives.

NONA's sky blue color is dyed with indigo and logwood plants.

Even though I dye my clothes with plants, I have a special admiration for the sky blue color, and no matter how many times I dye it, I can't help but sigh at its beauty. Please enjoy the new set.


Sales start on July 16, 2021

・NONA thread set 10 colors included

・NONA fine thread set 5g/4 pieces


100% vegetable dyed

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