NONA 秋冬に始めたいこと

NONA What I want to start in fall/winter

I will dye and knit this year too!

NONA has started selling vegetable-dyed yarn from 2022.

The richness of the heart can be felt from the colors of the vegetable dyed cotton used in temari, sashiko, and embroidery.

I wish I could feel closer to the world of wool.

The amount that NONA can make carefully and wholeheartedly is still small.

We want to be a brand that makes people think that when you go there, you will always see the colors of the plants and trees.

In the fall and winter, we offer plant-dyed wool.

In order to create a dyeing plan that focuses on the dye solution left over from cotton dyeing, which is the center of production,

The number of once-in-a-lifetime colors inevitably increases (though the reverse is also true).

That's a very natural thing at NONA, so

Please enjoy the color development together.

Knitting is also the origin of Rika's handicraft life.

I believe this is one of the roots of NONA.

Like the growth of roots, it's okay to grow slowly, so I'm thinking of cultivating a knitting culture at NONA.

NONA creates a #nonakal assignment pattern every year.

This year's patterns have been created with a lot of attention to detail.

We are planning to start selling the #nonakal2023 content, patterns, and kits on September 15th, so we can all have fun together. nonakal is not particular about NONA yarn! This will be a content that anyone can participate in using threads that are familiar to them.


About face-to-face classes

Dye & Kal

Last year's popular "Dye and Knit - Dyekal" event will be held again this year!

Rikuo-san and Yoshiko-san will be announcing their plans, so please watch the upcoming announcements and participate in the workshop.

Knitting Class

A knitting class to get used to English patterns will begin with Yoshiko Sensei.

When you can read patterns in English, the world suddenly opens up to you. I want to convey the joy of it. Please wait a little longer for the announcement.

Knitting Circle

It's a knitting club. We will also hold this event, so please use it as a place to exchange information and experience dyekal and kal.

Yoshiko-sensei will be watching over you.

Please wait for the class schedule announcement.

Reservations for the three workshops listed above will be accepted on the NONA classroom reservation website .

This is a small, homely class. Beginners are also welcome.

Let's step into knitting culture together.

2023 knitting patterns


Topdown Neck & Shoulder Warmer

Top-down knitted neck and shoulder warmer


Around the beginning of winter, winter is finally starting. Taking that name into account, we named the 2023 pattern "RITTO."

Kogarashi is wiping the leaves off the trees, and we hear the news of the first snow. Would you like to get your hands dirty and start preparing for winter in preparation for the coldness of midwinter?

The structure of this sweater is knitted top-down with circular needles from top to bottom, warming the neck and shoulders and making it easy to put on.

It is also called a fake turtleneck sweater because it looks like a simple turtleneck when worn with a coat or jacket.

The design has curves around the armpits so that it can be worn while doing hand work or while working, so it doesn't interfere with the movement of your arms.

It looks like a short vest, so it goes well with a dress.

Many of the people who gather at NONA are looking for an opportunity to try handicrafts, so NONA's patterns are simple, but fun knitting that even beginners who want to try knitting can enjoy. That's what I'm aiming for. I would also like to knit another one for experienced users! I'm aiming for a pattern that will give you the energy to knit it again if you feel like it.

Even if you've never tried top-down knitting using circular needles for the first time, this is a seamless, easy-to-try pattern with no splices.

It's a project that can be done within 100g per skein, so you can knit it as a Christmas present, and even if the sizes are different, it will still be cute, so even if you don't use yarn of the same thickness, you can try using leftover yarn and it will definitely be cute. As you can see from model Rikuo, it is also a good size for men.

This year, we will be holding #nonakal2023, which we hope many people will participate in.

dyekal, knitting class, and knitting circle, of course!

For more information, we will continue to announce knitting, so please check back from time to time.

thank you.

Sale details

・Pattern (Japanese/English)

・Kit (pattern and NONA yarn)

Sales start: 9/15 (Friday)

NONA onlineshop, in-store


Topdown Neck & Shoulder Warmer


Simple 1 skein project



Start: Friday, 15th September, 2023

・Knitting pattern  (Japanese/English)

・Kit (Pattern & NONA yarn)

NONA online shop & NONA shop in Nishiogikubo

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