NONA KAL 2023開催のお知らせ

Announcement of NONA KAL 2023


The autumn wind has finally begun to blow. At NONA, we started #nonakal in 2022 as an autumn/winter activity because we want to share with everyone the joy of dyeing and knitting wool yarn, which is different from the usual cotton . What is a needle? Front knitting? The staff who started from scratch are also knitting.

This year, we will be holding #nonakal2023 so that we can enjoy it with even more people !

Let's all knit together.
I am starting this project with the hope that this kal will give me an opportunity to knit. I just want to move my hands! Let's have fun together. Please post with two tags. We will give you something good from NONA!

We have prepared an original pattern for Kal assignment.
Since we weren't able to hold it last year, this year we will also include Briwash, which was announced last year.
If you knitted last year, please tag us and participate.



【way to participate】

On Instagram.

There are two patterns of divisions, so first, add a common # tag, and then add a department # tag that lets you know which division you are participating in. Please be sure to use two hashtags when participating.

Due to shipping issues, gifts can only be shipped within Japan. (You can live overseas as long as you have a domestic mailing address)

common hashtag

department hashtag

[KAL assignment original pattern]

Sold at NONA online shop. (Digital)

Also available for purchase on Raverly .



[Thread used]
The thread used does not matter.

Recommended thread for both patterns
・NONA Rambouillet merino wool

・Daruma Rambouilletmerino wool #darumarambouilletmerinowool

[Results announcement date]

〆 Saturday, February 24th

Lottery, announcement

Winners will be confirmed in each category and NONA will give them something nice.

We will contact you via Instagram, so please let us know your mailing address.

As for sales of NONA plant-dyed wool, we are still unable to keep up with shipments, so we hope to be able to sell it to everyone little by little starting in October. We also plan to sell the #nonamyfirstbriochecowl kit as well as individual skein threads.

The class schedule for November will be released next week on the 25th. Starting in October, Yoshiko Sensei's knitting classes will also be packed. NONA is getting excited as our Temari instructor @meuazul_mochi will also be taking a knitting class from scratch.
At NONA, we have a #nonadyekal class that we want to cherish: dyeing and knitting . This is a joint class between Rikuro and Yoshiko sensei. The experience of dyeing and knitting by yourself gives me a feeling of happiness that cannot be expressed in words. There are only a few seats left.

For those who want to participate in #nonakal2023 for the first time! Please come and see us. NONA is a support group for such first-timers. We are also preparing a classroom. Click here for details.
We are also looking forward to your reservations for the @nonatemari_class classroom.

Well then, Happy knitting!

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