NONA BUFFET 好きな糸を好きなだけ

NONA BUFFET As many yarns as you like


It will finally be held from this Friday.

This is a special event that all the staff have been preparing for and working hard to keep going since the days of Temalicious. We had many discussions with the staff about how to express the event at NONA, and it became clear that each staff member had a special feeling.

This is because NONA yarn, which has the characteristic of being dyed with plants and is dyed by hand in small batches and rolled by hand, is a once-in-a-lifetime product, and it is a big deal for a very small company to continue selling it as a single item. .

If possible, I would like to sell single items forever! However, when I was doing it, I couldn't do anything else (lol), so it became a one-week event once a month.

Well, we decided to give this special event a name.

Is there an a la carte option where you can eat one item at a time? to the proposal

“I want to eat whatever I want and as much as I want!!!”

There was a staff member who insisted that it was a buffet! It was named NONA BUFFET.

Why is a buffet so much fun when you know you can't eat that much? Isn't it fun to choose from so many options?

I can't eat that anymore! While saying this to myself, all of our staff hope that you will enjoy shopping at our online shop.

Tonight on Thursday from 20:00, there will be Mr. Mocchi's annual thread commentary on Instagram live. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, whether you are a temari player or not.

I hope you have a fun NONA BUFFET! !

Ladies and gentlemen, please don't forget to fill out the coupons we handed out before we opened when you shop! ! Please shop at a good price.


Online Thread Buffet
Start this Friday for a week!

《Holding period》
6/4 (Friday) 20:00 to 6/9 (Wednesday) around 10:00
*Pre-sale: 6/3 (Thursday) 21:00~

☆Insta live held☆
From 20:00 on 6/3 (Thursday) on @nonatemari_shop account

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