The thread that overcomes difficulties “Summer Nanten”

The thread that overcomes difficulties “Summer Nanten”

The white, plump buds and small flowers of the summer southern sky are in full bloom.

How are you all doing?

Branches that are pruned in winter will grow new green leaves in summer, signaling the change of seasons and giving us a sense of new life.

Just looking at these plants makes me feel good.

This is a photo of our southern sky.

Well, I have some news for you today.

The summer version of ``Nanwo wo Zuru Ito'', which was released at TEMARICIOUS at the beginning of this year, has been dyed.

At NONA, we are working and researching on the year-round theme of ``Amulets and Amulet'' in 2021, and at this time of ``Summer Purification,'' we pray for everyone's health and pray for the summer Nantenshi. We planned.

Turn hardships into blessings

Nanten, which was said to bring about luck and was entrusted with the important role of bringing good luck to people, was planted in every household.

You can put a Nanten branch on a snack such as sekihan as a souvenir, or you can carve a thin Nanten tree and wear it next to your child as a back amulet. Unlike today, when people are so busy, they have been borrowing the power of ``magic'' from the southern sky since ancient times.

When I was working on extracting colors from the branches and leaves of the southern sky that I made in winter, I tried to extract the very beautiful green color for this summer version. For Summer Nanten, we also created a gradation inspired by white Nanten flowers and fresh green leaves.

What do you consider “difficult”?

The current state of the world is such that it is so convenient to blame others that there is no end to the troubles.

Okay, so what do we do now? It's all up to you, actually.

No matter how difficult it is to think, one's thoughts are surprisingly free.

In a world where I can create freely, I want to draw something that is my own, no matter what the world is like.

I often come across the colors of plants by chance and am amazed by the colors I create, but Nanten is truly my favorite. The scent of dyeing is almost divine. The green leaves and branches of the southern sky show a variety of colors.

I want to embroider the summer heart pattern of 2021 with this "Summer Nanten" and keep it in my memory.

And we want to survive the summer with the help of plants.

Please enjoy "Summer Nanten", a thread that overcomes difficulties.

From the bottom of my heart, all of our staff, including the NONA dyers, wish you a wonderful summer.

The thread that overcomes difficulties “Summer Nanten”

~Great exorcism over summer~

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