[Nishiogi Walk] I grew up in a place where there were tea trees.

The Nishiogi walk will finally be held this weekend.

This was my first time participating as NONA (I had never participated as TEMARICIOUS!).

If it weren't for the coronavirus pandemic, this would normally be an event where we would welcome people strolling around the shops in Nishi-Ogikubo while serving tea.

If I couldn't make ``tea,'' I came up with the idea of ​​dyeing it with ``tea.''

Green tea, black tea, and coffee are common and easy to dye, but NONA prefers to dye food after it has been properly drunk or eaten, so we need to secure quantities, especially since we will be selling it. However, it was not adopted. Since this was a special event at Nishiogi Walk, I asked the staff to find some expired green tea. Surprisingly, we were able to successfully complete this tea set with the green tea and black tea that we gathered.

As I was doing so, one of the staff members said, ``It reminded me of making and drinking tea at my parents' home.'' It seemed like it reminded me of the tea work the whole family used to do at my parents' house (we were making tea for the home), and a few days later, my parents sent me tea branches and leaves! I wonder if the family had a great time talking about memories. What a wonderful environment, where people were making their own tea as a matter of course.

The leaves and branches of tea are beautiful!

I decided to plant tea trees and grow my own tea in my fancy NONA garden!

I also dyed thread from this raw tea tree and thankfully created a kit. As NONA, the Nishiogi walk was a very valuable and happy experience.

Thank you, Y-Rin! !

Green Tea

Green tea does not turn green. That's strange and fun.

The beige color with a slight reddish tinge is similar to that of green tea, while maintaining its beautiful color and aroma. When I applied iron to that reddish beige color, it became an indescribable purplish-gray color.

It's a vegetable dye that gives you a great scent and makes you feel happy even when dyed.

The dyer, Nakazawa, wanted to experience the feeling of tea, so he brewed a ``green-brown'' color by adding indigo to the original color of green tea. nice hospitality.

black tea

Black tea has always been my favorite color, and it was brown, exactly the color when black tea is brewed. I have seen dozens of different types of brown that plants have, but the brown of this black tea is surprisingly rare. A warm and relaxing brown color.


Coffee was brought to us every day after the coffee was brewed by our neighbor, DELICAFE KIKU. Thank you. Coffee is also a very good material for dyeing, and the resulting colors are always popular. There are a lot of people who love coffee, so it makes a great gift.

This tea set is called A POT OF THREAD ( NONA thread / thin thread ) and is a wonderful thread set from Nishi-Ogikubo. Now on sale at Nishi-Ogikubo store and online shop.

Please enjoy.

No. 14 Nishiogi Walk
Event date and time: June 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun) 2021 11:00-18:00
``Nishiogi Walk'' was held on a postponed schedule in November last year, but from the perspective of preventing the spread of coronavirus infection, we focused on ``walking'' without offering free tea, which is the concept of ``Nishiogi Tea Walk.'' . The 14th event will also be held as "Nishiogi Walk" after the character "tea". The 49 "Sunpo Stores" will have exhibitions and special products on sale, and the 15 "Sunpo Restaurants," which are mainly restaurants, will have nice benefits such as service menus. Why not look for the 64 "kettle marks" scattered throughout the city with a Sanpo map in hand?
*Yonago tea walk will also be held on the same day!