Akane's story in Japan

{Japanese Akane}

Yasuko Watanabe, representative of the Miyama Japanese Akane Study Group and Biyama Sokisha, which is working to revive the traditional Akane-iro Japanese Akane Tradition Project, dug it up in the deep snow. Color extracted from raw Japanese madder root.

Raw madder is like a fantasy, so I carefully boiled it in winter to give it its color.

NONA 's brand color ``Asahi'' refers to the gentle color of Japanese madder that resembles the sunset. The roots of Japanese madder, which grows naturally in Japan, are thin, and the color is very yellowish and does not produce a deep madder red.It is very difficult, but above all, I feel happy that I was able to extract the colors unique to Japan, and I hope to connect Japanese culture to the future in some small way. I dye my hair with the hope that it will become a job.

I heard that Japanese madder grows naturally, so I thought it would grow in NONA as well, so NONA is also growing Japanese madder, but it will take many years to reach the quality of the roots of Japanese madder grown at Bizansokisha. I am also looking forward to growing it patiently. The leaves of Japanese madder are heart-shaped. Japanese madder is plain and unattractive, but the way it grows is unique, and although it doesn't look like its red color can be removed, it is strange that it is truly natural.

From soil to thread

This is the ideal appearance of NONA's plant-dyed yarn.

When you grow a plant, you can understand its characteristics very well. I feel like it would be better to have it for many years. Since it is nature, the situation is not the same every year, and it is difficult to know what is compatible with you and the place where you grow it.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for sharing the precious Japanese Akane from Kyoto with us.

I started making a set of threads dyed with Japanese madder at the beginning of the year.

May 9th is the NONA OPEN anniversary, and all the staff have been preparing to celebrate it with our brand colors.

I hope you enjoy it.

“Japanese Akane” thread set that protects traditional Japanese colors★

Japanese Akane was planted when NONA's symbol was decided to be Akane. The leaves are heart-shaped and cute.

The medicinal scent of Japanese madder wafted through the atelier.

Japanese Akane emerges from under the snow.

It looks like you can't believe it has red color unless you tell me.

It looks like hijiki!

A cute Japanese Akane set has been completed.

Please enjoy yourself.

The dyeing process is available on YouTube @nonatemari .

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