【SPECIAL】NONA Tsudura! Special Natural Dyed Thread Box Set KUSUDAMA

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*NONA student discount is applicable.

Other series of NONA Tsududa boxes  are available. If you are interested in please go to AKANE/KAORU/MEGURU/UTAU 




The  "kusudama" originates from ancient Japanese culture on 'Tango no Sekku', where they were used for incense and japanese herbs or flowers, originally being actual bunches of flowers or herbs. The word itself is a combination of two Japanese words 薬kusuri, Medicine, and 玉 tama, Ball. It was typically used as the decoration which could protect evils things. Japan has a rainny season this Tango Time and it was people's wise to be healthy with KUSUDAMA. 

KUSUDAMA content

NONA fine threads 27 pcs

NONA thread 10 bundles

Tsududa box size L 

Size of box about 13 x 20 cm , hight 8cm 


Photos includes not-for-sale sweing goods.


KUSUDAMA: green rope


Please bear in mind some attributes of natural dyed products.

  • Please store in dark to minimize the color fade.
  • Colors may be uneven.
  • Dye material could differ and color slightly changes by LOT. For large sized project, we recommend to purchase sufficient amount a time.