NONA BUFFET (Sold individually) NONA Fine Thread

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NONA BUFFES (Sold individually)

It's a monthly special event!

You can purchase from one single NONA thread or NONA fine thread during NONA Buffet period (one week!).

Get as much as you want!


〈Buffet Period〉

8/Oct (Fri) 20:00 〜18/Sep (Fri) 10:00

※Prior Sale (invitation only) 8/Oct (Thu) 21:00 〜

NONA students or frequent customers are invited for the prior sale from Thursday.


  • Stocks are limited only for NONA BUFFET'. No more same colors. We recommend for you to keep enough quantity of your work.
  • You can purchase the same color at the shop of NISHIOGIKUBO but we cannot answer the same color or not by email or phone. It might be different LOT. If you are buying online, get enough and if you can come to the shop, just come :-) it's easier to check the color.
  • We do not sell NONA threads and NONA fine threads individually like NONA BUFFET online shop, except NONA BUFFET time. NONA BUFFET will be held monthly.

100% Naturally dyed NONA fine thread

  • 100% Cotton
  • 5g / 140m / skein
  • Count (thickness of thread): equivalent to embroidery floss DMC no.25 1/6

Ideal for handcrafts such as:Temari base wrapping, Temari embroidery, Embroidery, Sashiko, Kogin, Darning、Japanese book binding, Tassel, Pompom, Cross stitch, Kumihimo, Yubinuki, Wrapping presents、accessories making etc.

Our beautifully colored, threads are hand dyed with 100% natural material each with their own story since we pick weeds or grow seasonal plants and gather fallen leaves and twigs local to our area.

Your projects will transform with the special texture and natural shades of Japan.

Produced and handmade in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo.


Please bear in mind some attributes of natural dyed products.

  • Please store in dark to minimize the color fade.
  • Colors may be uneven.
  • Dye material could differ and color slightly changes by LOT. For large sized project, we recommend to purchase sufficient amount a time.