SASHIKO Sampler (Hishigata Tsuzuri/Joined Diamond Pattern) White

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The patterns are printed on durable cotton cloth fabric (Called, sarashi) and can be washed off after finishing. Sarashi is so comfortable smooth cotton Japanese fabric.

DO NOT WASH OR STEAM until you finish stitching or you will lose your printed pattern.

Just one NONA Thread (thin) is enough to complete a sampler.

If you want to use NONA thread (thick), you need generally 4 bundles of NONA thread is enough to complete a sampler. But it will depend on the patters.

Please refer below chart for your reference.

Sashiko Needles sold separately.

Sashiko Needle

【Product details】

  • Manufactured by daruma thread
  • 100% Cotton
  • Size:50×108cm(finished size: about 34cm × 34cm)
  • Made in Japan
  • Expected threads quantity: 60~70m
    (this sampler does not include threads)

SASHIKO Sampler Pattern List

Expected threads quantity for your reference:

Forest 102~112m
Joined Diamond Pattern 60~70m
Dahlia 60~70m
Woven Bamboo Pattern 53~63m
Grid Stitch 52~62m
Rice Stitch 51~61m
Bouquet 48~58m
Butterfly 47~57m
Triangular Roof House 47~57m
Candy 42~52m
Mountain Range 31~41m
Mountain Range(traditional) 31~36m
Building Blocks 26~36m
KOKESHI Doll 10~15m