【SPECIAL企画】1年間の感謝をこめて NONAつづら 草木染めセット販売

[SPECIAL project] NONA Tsuzura vegetable dye set sale with gratitude for the past year

In 2021, we are quickly approaching the end of the first year since becoming NONA from TEMARICIOUS.

It was a time when I was able to take a step towards deepening my knowledge of ``Temari and vegetable dyeing''.

What is temari, what is vegetable dyeing, what are plants, and what is nature?

As a result, I started wanting to know more and more.

2021 was a year of big changes.

There were many restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. There is so much precious time in life that it would be a waste to waste it on blaming someone or something.

The theme of product creation at NONA in 2021 was "amulet".

When I looked back and wondered what people in the past did when they felt powerless and unable to do anything on their own, they turned to plants that could ward off evil spirits and evil spirits. Rather than relying on them, they support them. A ``talisman'' for such feelings.

Now, as a token of our gratitude, we have finally completed a special set filled with plant-dyed NONA threads and fine threads, which we spent a considerable amount of time thinking about, reviewing, and preparing. This year, I put my heart and soul into wrapping the yarn dyed with plants in natural materials.

Maybe it's impossible? Well, maybe it can be done? In the small atelier and shop that started again, there were many difficulties in creating many special sets!

We have managed to reach this sale with the feeling that we want to finish the year by overcoming each problem through teamwork, solving them, and delivering the excitement of Temari and plant-dyed thread to everyone.

It's so funny that it's all handmade.

And what makes me laugh even more is that NONA's staff loves making things even more than I do! I would be truly happy if that feeling could be conveyed to everyone who loves making things.

Please enjoy.

Sales start

・Online shop 12/14 from 20:00

・Nishiogikubo store 12/15 from 11:00

*Student discount available!

Click here for the shopping site🛒 12/14 20:00 Cart open

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More detailed photos of each product are posted on the blog below. I hope this helps.


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